The Depression Dino [part 1] 2

Things were normal. Perhaps they were even good. You’re not quite sure anymore. You were living your days, going about your regular human business.

1 normal life

Life was happening. Days were passing. Yet you started noticing random bouts of sadness every now and then, creeping in with greater frequency into your regular disposition. How odd! Nothing was obviously wrong in your life. But that was normal, right? Everyone goes through occasional emotional swings.

dino visible bench

Not so. Slowly, almost imperceptibly, a new stranger was forcing itself into your life.

2 what should i wear

It was subtle at first. You still couldn’t tell what was happening, but there was definitely a gradual increase in the number of times you felt ‘off.’ You began to wonder if someone or something was causing this, but you couldn’t quite figure it out yet.

3 something's different

After some honest self-reflection and hours of research, you came to the dawning realization that you’ve changed. Nope, not the haircut, still the same one. That weird dinosaur you started noticing in your peripheral vision was becoming more and more invasive in your daily activities. Your new friend was here to stay and he wasn’t going anywhere, any time soon.

4 acceptance

Downy the Depression Dino refuses to separate from you, and follows you everywhere you go.

5 he follows you everywhere

He’ll ruin your sleeping habits.

6 he messes with your sleep

He’ll isolate you from your friends.

7 isolation from friends

He’ll find a way to turn every beautiful thing dark and ugly.

8 everything is dark and ugly

He’ll spoil your dates.

9 date with depression

He’ll make your job miserable.

10 at work

Things that used to be fun and enjoyable have become monotonous and boring.

He’ll regularly shit on all of your life’s dreams, goals, ambitions and desires.

12 ambitions

You reach out to others, but well-intentioned advice from people without Dino experience falls flat.

good intentions

Every passing day is a gradual, painful detachment from your former self. Everything it once meant to be a functioning adult human being now seems worthless. You feel like a burden to society. Feelings of apathy, hopelessness, loneliness and worthlessness slowly suffocate you and syphon every fundamental thing that defines you. You’ve lost your identity and place in this world.

Things appear desperate and unsalvageable. Is there light at the end of this tunnel?

is there a light at the end of the tunnel

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