On Deep Friendship 5

The purest essence of what it means to be human. Ethereal, yet not ephemeral; intangible yet palpable; difficult to secure, yet effortless to lose. It constitutes one of the realest emotional peaks of the human condition. It flourishes on its own, naturally and effortlessly, not relying on the forced attachment of marriage or the biological connection of family.

The perfect unison of two earthly travellers, united by nothing less than celestial fate. A 14 billion year old explosion trying to reconcile scattered pieces of itself across the vast vacuums of space and time.

A seamless collision of personality, character and identity, one effortlessly complementing the other. Your companion’s triumphs become yours; your conquests theirs. Shared happiness permeates both your bones.

And when trouble arises, as it unapologetically does, comfort enshrines you. For there is a torch in your pit of darkness; a blowing current in your suffocating thoughts; an oasis in your mind’s desert. A voice you’ve grown to love and recognize as an extension of your own. An uplifting energy that brings equilibrium to your turbulence.

Conversation erupts. Grand ambitions, fickle dreams, starry ideals will assault your partner’s attuned ears, as they absorb every idiosyncratic detail that makes you… you. Fears and insecurities are temporarily shattered, as your world is overtaken by a calmness, an unmistakeable stillness that everything is as it should be. Somebody out there truly understands you.

As the night grows older, sentiments flow out, splashing, advancing forward. A river stream. A sharing of consciousness, words pouring into another soul; unexpected bends and turns and twists and curves, growing mightily—stopping abruptly… Good conversation will be natural, completely unforced and ever-flowing to your heart’s content.

Deafening laughter secretes out your pores and assaults your ears. Colliding cymbals, crashing drums; a thunderous symphony of chuckles and chortles, giggles and guffaws; tripping ,finding balance, then spinning again out of control. Teeth baring, tear inducing, stomach throbbing release. Laughter never felt so cathartic.

Temporal limitations are shattered, tomorrow’s responsibilities be damned! Seconds turn to minutes; minutes into hours. An entire evening vanishes, its memory sliding comfortably into the permanent narrative of your story.

Parts of you previously snuffed out by the demanding burdens of adulthood become unearthed. A reigniting of the carefree playfulness of infancy, the unstructured exploration of childhood, the freedom of adolescence. Dormant fragments of your personality dance around, unshackled and wild, uninhibited for all to see.

An authentic exhibition of your innermost identity, unfiltered and pure. Your being, held captive, supressed, at work, at school, at home…grows wings and flourishes, finally having found someone receptive to its lunacy. Complete liberty in expression, an unbundling of truths, an exhibition of your private self, coated with the intrinsic awareness that you won’t be judged for your quirks or quaintness.

The difference between feeling harmonious bliss during a mundane walk in the park—if you’ve chosen your company well—and sensing a palpable emptiness seasoned on your 5 star restaurant meal—if you haven’t. Quotidian routine is illuminated by their presence, while inconceivable novelty feels dull with their absence.

The intravenous photo album of your passing years will be bound by those who’ve you gently allowed into your life. The permanent etchings of nostalgia. A familiar face—and if you’re ever so lucky, there will be others—unmistakeably flicker in your memory, giving weight and meaning to shared experience. Familiar dimples and beautiful blemishes form perfect creaks in your memory’s store.

You may not have been born into the most providential circumstances. You may be struggling with health, finances, love or loss. Your looking glass may be filled with bleak smudges of anxiety and a foreboding sensation of unpleasant times to come.

Despite of everything, remember this: if you’re one of the fortunate ones in this world blessed to be reunited with a drifting chunk of your cosmic soul, a fellow earthly wanderer who effortlessly glides on your existential wavelength… then glide on, glide strong, glide together, glide forever until you can glide no more.

  • RV

    Love it

  • Juan

    Lyrical… I dig

  • Kim D. Blain

    beautifully said 🙂

  • RV

    Reminds me of Khalil Gibran…

    • We’re definitely not in the same league!