About Benny

Owner of One Lobotomy Please, where I share my passion about the brain, philosophy and psychology with original illustrations.

The next time you go for a quick walk outside, take a detour and inspect that innocent looking dandelion in the field. Touch its stem, noting the fine, tactile fuzz in just all the right places. Observe that miniscule ant climbing up the dandelion, well into the process of doing […]

The Quest for Learned Complexity

You discover a hit and run dent on your rental scooter. Like every other risk-taking anarchist, you opted out of incidental insurance. An unexpected thunderstorm on your walk to work and oh-shit-I-forgot-to-buy-a-new-umbrella.  A nudge to your dinner table spills a glass of cabernet on your pants. Gosh darn it, they […]

Challenge Your Default Voice